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Stunning Exotic Cats bred in the UK.
UK cat breeders

We are a small family concern, animal lovers and UK cat breeders, where we live with a variety of pets including our magnificent exotic cats.

Our lives are dedicated to ensuring that the animals in our care have a happy, healthy and fulfilled life


  We are TICA registered, caring and responsible UK exotic cat breeders
We are successful Serval cat breeders, and,
We are successful Savannah cat breeders

It is an absolute privilege to be able to share our lives with these highly intelligent, fun loving cats who all have wonderful temperaments thanks to the way they have been reared and socialised as kittens in a domestic environment, not in a cattery.

Any prospective owner of one of our exotic cats would require to demonstrate a willingness to properly look after one by way of adequate housing, stimulation and interaction, and, obtain a Dangerous Wild Animal licence should the cat require one.
We do occassionally offer savannah kittens for sale,serval kittens for sale and savannah cats for sale



We thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to share our lives with these highly intelligent exotic cats. It really is a joy to watch their antics and to interact with them

And here we have one of our serval babies enjoying a snooze with Milo, one of our working cocker spaniels, when he was a pup.

Our cats are raised with other cat species and with our dogs.


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