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Serval cat breeder

A Serval is not a domestic cat but is a medium sized African Wildcat weighing up to 50lbs..It has a slender build, is tall with a tawney background coat and large black spots. It is a powerful animal with long legs and a fairly short ringed tail with a black tip.
The servals head is small in relation to its body but has very tall oval ears set close together on the top of its head. They are used very efficiently while hunting and can detect rodent pray underground.

The serval is the easiest exotic wildcat to tame and can become very "dog like" although as with all animals you must respect what it really is..A Dangerous Wild Animal licence is required to keep one in this country.

Servals are extremely intelligent animals and have historically been kept as pets in Africa. The ancient Egyptians worshiped the serval and kept them as pets and also used them to guard their grain stores againt hungry rodents
Servals are extremely active and agile and remarkable problem solvers making them notorious for getting into mischief. They require large amounts of space to run and play. When kept as pets they are reported to have the most outgoing and friendly personalities of the wild cats and bond strongly to their owners.

All our DWA felines are carnivorous and are fed a variety of game in season, also with rabbit, chicken, beef and fish all of human consumption quality. We also add felidae T and oasis supplements.

Our serval enclosures give the cats plenty of exercise and stimulation while keeping them in a safe environment. The main sleeping area is an 8ft x 6ft insulated and heated shed. There are other `kennels` and hides they can use and they thoroughly enjoy our interaction with them, chasing balls or running after a pulled rope etc.

To accept the responsibility of caring for one of these magnificent cats is a huge commitment both financially and physically as they can live for up to 20 years.  That is 20 years of your time, of providing proper housing, feeding and exotic vet care.....BUT.....the reward for sharing your life with this superb exotic cat is also huge.

We are successful African Serval cat breeders and we do occasionally have serval kittens for sale.
The above photographs are of some of our previous kittens

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